9-year-old girl’s night terrors stop straight after prayer
Last February I met who turned out to be a good friend to me, a lady who had cancer.  She was 38.  We met at the bus stop.   As she worsened, I took her daughter to the bus.  We connected through God as she also knows God.
When she passed two months ago, her daughter, who is 9, was having night terrors shortly after her Mom died.
I came to the Healing Centre for the first time, and asked the prayer team to pray for this girl’s night terrors to go away.  That very night, God stopped her night terrors and she has not had any since.
God is wonderful and gracious in His love for us.   March 2015

Bad arthritis healed – no longer need to use walker
I came to the Heart to Heart Healing Centre for prayer for my legs.  I had very bad arthritis in both legs with a lot of pain.  I had to use a walker to help with my balance.
The team prayed over me and Jesus completely healed me.  I have no more pain and I am walking on my own now without the walker.
Thank you Jesus!   Jan 2015

Hope and Joy restored
I want to thank you for giving yourselves to the gifting of love and comfort in prayer.  I thank the Lord for liberty and peace as you ministered to my need.  Through the words of wisdom as the Holy Spirit directed, I was given help to deal with the spirit of rejection and the loss of hope and joy I had.
Praise His Holy Name    Sept 2014

Daughter gone from not wanting to live to being more optimistic than she’s been in 5 years: life-changing
As relieved as I was to have my daughter home – she had been homeless in Montreal – I was saddened by her state of mind.  Every day she’d ask me why she was born – repeating that she found life pointless.  She didn’t want to live.
A friend suggested the Healing Centre.  I had the most extraordinary experience there – indescribable!  But one thing that was dramatic was my feet felt like they were on fire!
When I returned home from the Healing Centre, my daughter’s mood had shifted.  She announced plans to go to Toronto and look up old friends.  Since then she’s been more optimistic than she’s been in 5 years.
Thank you so much for all you and the volunteers do!   “Life-changing”  God Bless!!     Oct, 2014

God answered a prayer for peace for a friend’s father
Last week I had prayer for a friend’s father for him to have peace.  He could not settle well in the hospital where he was, and his family wanted him to have peace about being there.
The very next day after the prayer, he got moved to a different hospital.  My friend asked for a sign from God to give her reassurance that this was a God move and she found out that the Head Nurse is a friend from years ago!
So now my friend’s father is relaxed and at peace about where he is, and the family are feeling that peace too.  Thank you God.   Oct, 2014

Healing of Joint pain

I came in for prayer for joint pain that I was experiencing throughout my body.  They prayed for it and when I left the Healing Room I felt burning in my joints and by the next day I was completely healed. Dec, 2013  

Healing of badly injured arm 

Able to work again. Before going to the Heart to Heart Healing Centre I was going through a very rough time in my life.  I had a very bad arm injury from a work accident when I fell from a height through glass and severed tendons.  I had several operations and had been off work for 2 years. 

After attending the Healing Rooms for prayer, someone suggested a job to me.  I said that my arm was useless and so I didn’t think I could do it.  They suggested I try to lift something up, and to my great surprise, I was able to use my arm!  I started the full time job on the farm two days after I had received prayer.  I am doing lots of heavy lifting and very hard labour work for 10 full hours a day, 6 days a week!

I was supposed to have another operation but my doctor said I no longer needed it.  Two weeks later I returned to the Centre to tell them I had been healed, and I had more prayer and then I had a very real spiritual experience.  All involved are so nice and make you feel very comfortable for people of all ages.  Going to the Heart to Heart Healing Centre was the best decision I ever made – the power of prayer was all I needed.  May, 2014

Healing of Back Pain

I came to the Healing Rooms about 1 month before this testimony.  My back was in severe pain from a chronic condition.  As prayers were prayed over me, and hands laid on me, I could feel the pain drain from my back, in a big heat wave through their hands.  I’ve been pain free in my back for at least 4 to 5 weeks now.  The weather usually sets the pain off in my back, but nothing.  Thank you Jesus for loving me.  Sept, 2014

Feeling refreshed My visits to the healing rooms are always like a trip to the spa – “the Holy Spirit spa”!  You walk in dragging and down, but you always leave like you are walking on clouds refreshed and renewed, physically, emotionally and most of all, spiritually.  For me the blessings of the Lord you receive in the prayer room just affirm the love and devotion I have for Jesus and the power of God.  Sept, 2014.  

Answer to prayers for work

When the Centre had recently opened (in January 2014) one of the prayer people told me about it.  At that time I was going through big exams that meant a lot to me because without passing them I couldn’t work in Canada (I am from another country), and that was the last requirement I needed to live in Canada.  The prayer person said that she would stand in proxy for me to be prayed for and after that everything fell into place.  I passed my exams and I even found a job even though I was 4 months pregnant.  That was the only part missing from all the things I came to achieve in this country.  Today I thank that person and the rest of the people at the Centre.  You only need to believe.  Oct, 2014